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[Help]: How to fake WebRTC address

See original GitHub issue

var RTCPeerConnection = window.RTCPeerConnection
                    || window.mozRTCPeerConnection
                    || window.webkitRTCPeerConnection;
                var useWebKit = !!window.webkitRTCPeerConnection;

                //bypass naive webrtc blocking using an iframe
                    //NOTE: you need to have an iframe in the page right above the script tag
                    //<iframe id="iframe" sandbox="allow-same-origin" style="display: none"></iframe>
                    //<script>...getIPs called in here...
                    var win = iframe.contentWindow;
                    RTCPeerConnection = win.RTCPeerConnection
                        || win.mozRTCPeerConnection
                        || win.webkitRTCPeerConnection;
                    useWebKit = !!win.webkitRTCPeerConnection;

                //minimal requirements for data connection
                var mediaConstraints = {
                    optional: [{RtpDataChannels: true}]

                var servers = {iceServers: [{urls: ""}]};

                //construct a new RTCPeerConnection
                var pc = new RTCPeerConnection(servers, mediaConstraints);

                function handleCandidate(candidate){
                    //match just the IP address
                    var ip_regex = /([0-9]{1,3}(\.[0-9]{1,3}){3}|[a-f0-9]{1,4}(:[a-f0-9]{1,4}){7})/
                    var ip_addr = ip_regex.exec(candidate)[1];

                    //remove duplicates
                    if(ip_dups[ip_addr] === undefined)

                    ip_dups[ip_addr] = true;


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  • State:closed
  • Created a year ago
  • Comments:5 (3 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

cyrus-andcommented, Mar 23, 2022

I have no idea what you’re talking about, nor I’m willing to waste my time in trying to understand such a poorly written issue.

cyrus-andcommented, May 12, 2022

AFAIK WebTransport != WebRTC.

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