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webpack4 electron-renderer window.criRequest is not a function

See original GitHub issue

I use chrome-remote-interface in electron render process, like this:

const CDP = require('chrome-remote-interface');
CDP.List(options, callback)

when bundled with webpack3 , everything is ok. But when I upgraded webpack to wepack 4, I got an error:

window.criRequest is not a function

I know it’s for browser usage, but I want to run in node. Is it a problem with webpack or Did I miss something?

| webpack | 4.21.0 | webpack-target | electron-renderer | Operating system | Mac | Node.js | v10.7.0 | chrome-remote-interface | 0.25.7 | electron | 2.0.10"

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  • Created 5 years ago
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fishearcommented, Nov 2, 2018

Done, let me know if you figure out why main is not recognised by default.

Thanks Andrea, I think the reason why main is not recognised by default is that

Webpack4 will read 'browser' field when target is 'electron-renderer'.

According to webpack-pr#6814 and webpack-issue#6811

fishearcommented, Oct 22, 2018

I’m not familiar with Electron, can you provide a minimal application so I can try?

Thanks very much and sorry for the late reply. I found it a prolem with myself. I tried to provide a simply demo with electron-vue, and there was no prolem. ^^ And I remove the externals in webpack.config.js, like this(‘chrome-remote-interface’ is in the dependencies):

//   externals: [
//     ...Object.keys(dependencies || {}).filter(d => !whiteListedModules.includes(d))
//   ],

the issue was reproduced. So I think maybe I bundled it in a wrong way.

Thank you all the same

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