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Global filters with dependency injection

See original GitHub issue

The documentation specifies⬇️

// Filter is instantiated by DI so you can get parameter by constructor injection.

But only shows how to add global filters where the instance is instantiated upfront

var app = ConsoleApp.Create(args, options =>
    options.GlobalFilters = new ConsoleAppFilter[]
        new MutextFilter() { Order = -9999 } ,
        new LogRunningTimeFilter() { Oder = -9998 }, 

Is there a way to use Dependency Injection with global filters, that I’ve just missed from the documentation?


// filter class
public class MyFilter : ConsoleAppFilter
  private readonly ILogger<MyFilter> logger;
  public MyFilter(ILogger<MyFilter> logger)
    this.logger = logger;

  public override async ValueTask Invoke(ConsoleAppContext context, Func<ConsoleAppContext, ValueTask> next)
    await next(context);

// and adding the filter
var builder = ConsoleApp.CreateBuilder(args, options =>

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wozzocommented, Nov 4, 2022

Still a thing

github-actions[bot]commented, Aug 7, 2023

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