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Addressables and AsyncOperationHandle

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How do I get the AsyncOperationHandle in the current build? I’m doing the following:

TextAsset myAsset = await Addressables.LoadAssetAsync<TextAsset>("myAssetLabel");

This actually skips the step of getting the AsyncOperationHandle, which is needed when you want to call Addressables.Release(asyncOperationHandle); later.

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  • Created 3 years ago
  • Comments:10 (4 by maintainers)

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neuecccommented, Jun 14, 2020
var handle = Addressables.LoadAssetAsync<TextAsset>("myAssetLabel");
var asset = await handle;
Merglaschcommented, May 12, 2023

@neuecc , @albertogomezr91 This currently happens to me with Addressables 1.21.12

Both of these approaches

var locations = await Addressables.LoadResourceLocationsAsync(tag);

var handle = Addressables.LoadAssetAsync<TextAsset>(“myAssetLabel”); var asset = await handle;

result in this error: Cannot assign ‘void’ to an implicitly-typed local variable

The confusing thing is I can access the GetAwaiter and ToUnitask extensions on the handle, so I’d argue the UNITASK_ADDRESSABLE_SUPPORT define has to be active. Anything I am missing here?

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Struct AsyncOperationHandle. Non typed operation handle. This allows for reference counting and checking for valid references.
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I have always assumed that async operation handle `handle.IsValid()` will return false if the async operation has been released.
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