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Can I use refection method call with UniTask with return value?

See original GitHub issue


I am trying to use Reflection call in Unity under WebGL platform runtime. One of the feature required getting the return value from an await-able task. So I have something like this implemented :

namespace AysncTest{
    public class Tester{
        public Tester() {}
        public async UniTask<bool> Guess(int waitTime)
            await UniTask.Delay(TimeSpan.FromSeconds(waitTime));
            var result = waitTime % 2 == 0;
            return result;

    public class Caller {
        public Caller(){}
        //Usage : await caller.InvokeAsync(tester, "Guess", 2);
        public UniTask<object> InvokeAsync(object target, string methodName, params object[] args){
            var method = Tester.GetType().GetMethod(methodName);
            dynamic task = method.Invoke(target, args); //This can only be use in JIT
            return await task;

But then I found out the keyword “dynamic” can only be use in JIT, according to an answer by Eric Lippert.

Will there be any other alternative way that I can do this?

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  • Created 2 years ago
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yudi-xiao-letscozecommented, Jun 7, 2021
var awaitableTask = method.Invoke(targetObject, commandTargetTarget.Command.args);
var taskType = awaitableTask.GetType();
var preserveMethod = taskType.GetMethod("Preserve");
var asUniTaskMethod = taskType.GetMethod("AsUniTask");
var preserveTask = preserveMethod?.Invoke(awaitableTask, null);
var preserveUniTask = (UniTask) asUniTaskMethod?.Invoke(preserveTask, null);
await preserveUniTask;
var getAwaiterMethod = taskType.GetMethod("GetAwaiter");
var awaiter = getAwaiterMethod?.Invoke(preserveTask, null);
var getResultMethod = awaiter?.GetType().GetMethod("GetResult");
var taskResult = getResultMethod?.Invoke(awaiter, null);

Finally get it working, here is my final working code incase anyone have the same problem.

yudi-xiao-letscozecommented, Jun 8, 2021

After a lot of try catch, I verified that this bug have nothing to do with UniTask.

I’ve use custom attributes on the function’s return value to identify what is the generic type T of UniTask<T>, but the IL2CPP compiler must have strip that away.

So I now replace this approach with checking methodInfo.ReturnType.ContainsGenericParameters and getting its Type via methodInfo.ReturnType.GenericTypeArguments.

Read more comments on GitHub >

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