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Change default logging for unhandled exceptions

See original GitHub issue

Currently, an unhandled exception thrown in a UniTask will be logged as a warning. Normally, an unhandled exception would be logged by Unity with Debug.LogException(). This behavior can be changed by setting UniTaskScheduler.UnobservedExceptionWriteLogType:

UniTaskScheduler.UnobservedExceptionWriteLogType = LogType.Exception;

I think it’s good that the behavior can be customized, but it would be better to have the default behavior match what Unity does by default.

If this is acceptable, I would be happy to open a pull request for the work! 😁

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neuecccommented, May 5, 2020


In your example, the Throw from async Task is not captured. Normal tasks must be set explicitly via TaskScheduler.UnobservedTaskException. In other words, this is where we identify whether it’s Unobserved or not.

It’s also listed at the top in Error.

UnobservedTaskException:System.Exception: Thrown from `async UniTask` function
  at ExceptionExamples+<<ThrowFromUniTask>g__ThrowInner|7_0>d.MoveNext () [0x0006f] in C:\...\Scenes\ExceptionExamples.cs:72 

The problem, however, is that, as you say, the InnerException dump is Log-unfriendly in Unity. It’s a choice between making the Log jump friendly or marking it as Unobserved.

Now, I think most people don’t understand the meaning of Uobserved in the first place, and jump-friendly seems to benefit a lot of people. Ok, I’d like to make Exception the default, at least in v2.

randomPoisoncommented, May 5, 2020

You’re right, there’s not a lot of harm in leaving that option in there, especially if it’s set to log using Debug.LogException() by default. However, there’s also not much value in leaving it in I think. It’s a bad practice to log exceptions with anything other than Debug.LogException(), so leaving that option in just allows users to make their projects harder to debug with no benefit. It also adds a bit of unnecessary code complexity to UniTaskScheduler. So even if there’s not much harm in leaving it, I only see benefits to removing it.

That said, once the default is changed to Debug.LogException() my main concern will be addressed! So it won’t matter a ton to me if you do leave it in.

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