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Improve styling for selected elements

See original GitHub issue

My issue is that I can’t find a way to properly highlight selected nodes. I can change the appearance of the label and of the node individually but I need to style the outline of the two together.

Feature request 1: Support outline styling for a :selected node. Feature request 2: Support a visible selection box around the selected objects.

It is feature 1 that I need the most, feature 2 is a nice to have.

The result would be:

untitled_-_paint net_4 0 5_2015-06-08_12-44-06

I took this styling from Visio:


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  • Created 8 years ago
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sylvain-hamelcommented, Jun 12, 2015

Thanks! That’s pretty close to what I need!

but I’d need two more things:

  1. Make the outline a rectangle (to follow the shape of the node)
  2. Be able to set a border style and have no fill color.
overlay-color: none
overlay-border-color: blue

That would allow me to do what I originally asked. It is possible?

By the way, thanks a lot for your support.

maxkfranzcommented, Jun 12, 2015

Example of what I mean:

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