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Delay between opening dashboard and opening experiment window in dallinger debug

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When I run dallinger debug, there is a 5-second delay between the dashboard window opening and the experiment window opening. @jessesnyder , I remember you did some work already optimising start-up times. Does this delay happen for you? I think we discussed it already but didn’t get round to addressing it yet.

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  • Created 3 years ago
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pmcharrisoncommented, Jan 16, 2021

Ah well, thanks for trying anyway!

jessesnydercommented, Jan 15, 2021

This isn’t a quick change, unfortunately (I was very optimistic!). We open the dashboard just before we start listening for messages from the recruiter (it is such a message that triggers opening the ad/consent windows for the experiment). Once we start listening, we’re blocked, so trying to open the dashboard later means opening it only after the entire experiment is finished:

            if result["status"] == "success":
                # ...
                if not self.no_browsers:
                # this blocks for the remainder of the debug session:

We could maybe figure out a way to change this, but it’s not the just-reorder-the-statements problem we were hoping for.

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