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Usage in apps with SSR (server-side rendering)

See original GitHub issue

Could the detectBrowser function be exported so it could be manually called in a server-side environment?

That way a user agent from a client request could be passed to the detectBrowser function and the resulting detected information could be used on the server before anything is even sent to the client.

I also think it would be a good idea to unify exports into a single file like was requested in #41 for those of us with Node-based projects who use build systems like webpack but not browserify. Couldn’t both options be supported by keeping the browser.js file but adding logic to index.js?

Maybe something like:

var detectBrowser = require('./lib/detectBrowser');

var isClient = !!(typeof window !== 'undefined' && window.document && window.document.createElement)

if (isClient) {
  var agent;
  if (typeof navigator !== 'undefined' && navigator) {
    agent = navigator.userAgent;

  module.exports = detectBrowser(agent);
  module.exports.detectBrowser = null;
} else { = 'node';
  module.exports.version = process.version.slice(1);
  module.exports.detectBrowser = detectBrowser;

Note that I haven’t test the above, so I can’t guarantee there aren’t issues/errors. Just an idea.

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  • Created 6 years ago
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DamonOehlmancommented, Sep 21, 2017

@dlong500 This is the kind of thing I have started to implement in #46. I just need to rebase this on some recent changes that @5punk has implemented for OS detection and we can look at getting this through.

5punkcommented, Oct 30, 2017

Closing due to inactivity. Possibly already solved.

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