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Redirected to /api/auth

See original GitHub issue


I’m trying to use this package for my SvelteKit app. I’m using @sveltejs/kit 1.0.0-next.132.

I’ve copied your src/routes/api/auth/[...auth].ts and src/routes/login.svelte files. After clicking “Login with Google” I’m sent to through Googles flow but finally I just end up at /api/auth with a “Not found” message. If I go to /profile nothing is saved in the session.

Any suggestions on how to make this work? Cheers

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Odonnocommented, Sep 13, 2021

Ok, after reading the source code for 1 hour, I found the solution. You have to set the redirect property in the query params. So, for example:

<a href="/api/auth/signin/twitter?redirect=/" />
megagames-mecommented, Aug 1, 2022

I am having this issue too, but I already set the redirect to /. I’m trying a very janky workaround by setting the redirect callback to the following:

redirect(url: string): string {
  return "/"

Furthermore, this problem only happens when I deploy to heroku. Even building locally and running doesn’t have this issue. I’m going to try the workaround and tell if it works.

Update: It works. I have no clue why, but at least it works.

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