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Rewrite the way of working with UDP traffic in XiaomiGateway._send_cmd()

See original GitHub issue

The whole way of dealing with UDP traffic is wrong there. Compared to TCP, UDP guarantees almost nothing. The code assumes it will get a response to the request above, but it’s too naive. UDP doesn’t guarantee order and delivery. Multiple UDP dispatches at the same time can make a lot of bad things, like each recvfrom() will get the result of the neighbour. Here is an example of this bug in HA:

20:00:53 DEBUG (SyncWorker_12) [xiaomi_gateway] >> b'{ "cmd":"read","sid":"1"}'
20:00:53 DEBUG (SyncWorker_2) [xiaomi_gateway] >> b'{"cmd": "write", "sid": "2", "data": {"rgb": 0, "key": "xxx"}}'
20:00:53 DEBUG (SyncWorker_2) [xiaomi_gateway] << {'cmd': 'read_ack', 'model': 'magnet', 'sid': '1', 'short_id': 43528, 'data': '{"voltage":3035,"status":"open"}'}
20:00:53 ERROR (SyncWorker_2) [xiaomi_gateway] Non matching response. Expecting write_ack, but got read_ack. {'cmd': 'read_ack', 'model': 'magnet', 'sid': '1', 'short_id': 43528, 'data': '{"voltage":3035,"status":"open"}'}
20:00:53 ERROR (SyncWorker_2) [xiaomi_gateway] No data in response from hub None
20:00:53 DEBUG (SyncWorker_12) [xiaomi_gateway] << {'cmd': 'write_ack', 'model': 'gateway', 'sid': '2', 'short_id': 0, 'data': '{"rgb":0,"illumination":312,"proto_version":"1.0.9"}'}
20:00:53 ERROR (SyncWorker_12) [xiaomi_gateway] Non matching response. Expecting read_ack, but got write_ack. {'cmd': 'write_ack', 'model': 'gateway', 'sid': '2', 'short_id': 0, 'data': '{"rgb":0,"illumination":312,"proto_version":"1.0.9"}'}
20:00:53 ERROR (SyncWorker_12) [xiaomi_gateway] No data in response from hub None

Devices didn’t get right responses, their states were not updated. In case of 2 simultaneous reads, devices can get each others states. As you understood - infinite space for bugs 😃.

It’s OK to have send + immediate receive when you’re 100% sure there will be no simultaneous dispatches. But it’s not the case of write_to_hub() and get_from_hub() which can be executed asynchronously without waiting of the previous function to return the result.

What do I propose?

  1. Make a single while True: recvfrom() per XiaomiGateway at least after initialization. It will check for an error/invalid key or call push_data() on success which will update the device state.
  2. Don’t call recvfrom() in _send_cmd() at least after initialization.
  3. Remove checking of write_to_hub() result in HA (e.g. Hub will respond and single listener will call push_data.
  4. Add some tracker that will have a list of responses we are waiting. If we didn’t get a response for any request in 10 seconds time frame - log an error. If we got a response, but was not waiting for it - log an error. You can use sid+cmd to identify the response (it’s the best we can as there is no way to supply/receive request ids).

Related issue:

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

PaulAnnekovcommented, Sep 17, 2018

I’m gonna fix this bug this week.

cosinguyencommented, Aug 14, 2019

Hi, Sorry my code skill very bad. So what i need to do in this case. I using newest version of HassIO with docker.


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