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What is the Civet syntax for TS decorators?


const printable = (target: any, memberName: string) =>
    console.log memberName

class Person
    name = 'Jon'

I get the warning Member 'printMemberName' implicitly has an 'any' type.typescript(7008) because @ is used for static members.

The Code Sample at the top of the readme contains the

experimentalDecorators: true

flag in the compiler options, so I assume they are supported.

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  • Created 10 months ago
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STRd6commented, Dec 10, 2022

I’ve added support for decorators with @@ syntax instead of @ because @ is premium real estate and @id ->, and @ is also static fields/methods, etc.

If @ decorator syntax makes it to a standard then maybe I’ll re-evaluate but I’d rather pressure the spec in this direction.

STRd6commented, Dec 9, 2022

Ideally we could become so popular that the decorator proposal changes before it becomes a standard 😼

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