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Datepicker not work for angular 7 SSR

See original GitHub issue

As mentioned on npm this datepicker is for angular 6+.Here 6+ means above angular 6.I am now using angular 7.1.1 and date picker version is -

"ng-pick-datetime": "^7.0.0", "@angular/core": "^7.1.2", **

It gives the following problem after creating the build and running on node server-


        __metadata("design:paramtypes", [Event]),

ReferenceError: Event is not defined

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  • Created 5 years ago
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morozeckiycommented, Mar 18, 2019

Solution => In server.ts global[‘Event’]=null

Could you please post that bit of code from your actual implementation?

`// These are important and needed before anything else import ‘zone.js/dist/zone-node’; import ‘reflect-metadata’;

import {renderModuleFactory} from ‘@angular/platform-server’; import {enableProdMode} from ‘@angular/core’;

import * as express from ‘express’; import {join} from ‘path’; import {readFileSync} from ‘fs’;

// Faster server renders w/ Prod mode (dev mode never needed) enableProdMode();

// Express server const app = express(); const domino = require(‘domino’); const PORT = 5200; const DIST_FOLDER = join(process.cwd(), ‘’);

// Our index.html we’ll use as our template const template = readFileSync(join(DIST_FOLDER, ‘’, ‘index.html’)).toString(); const win = domino.createWindow(template); global[‘window’] = win; global[‘window’].requestAnimationFrame = {}; global[‘document’] = win.document;

global[‘Event’] = null; global[‘KeyboardEvent’] = null; global[‘Element’] = {}; global[‘Element’].prototype = {}; global[‘Element’].prototype.remove = undefined;

// * NOTE :: leave this as require() since this file is built Dynamically from webpack const {AppServerModuleNgFactory, LAZY_MODULE_MAP} = require(‘./dist/server/main’);

const {provideModuleMap} = require(‘@nguniversal/module-map-ngfactory-loader’);

app.engine(‘html’, (_, options, callback) => { renderModuleFactory(AppServerModuleNgFactory, { // Our index.html document: template, url: options.req.url, // DI so that we can get lazy-loading to work differently (since we need it to just instantly render it) extraProviders: [ provideModuleMap(LAZY_MODULE_MAP) ] }).then(html => { callback(null, html); }); });

app.set(‘view engine’, ‘html’); app.set(‘views’, join(DIST_FOLDER, ‘’));

// Server static files from /browser app.get(‘.’, express.static(join(DIST_FOLDER, ‘’)));

// All regular routes use the Universal engine app.get(‘*’, (req, res) => { res.render(join(DIST_FOLDER, ‘’, ‘index.html’), {req}); });

// Start up the Node server app.listen(PORT, () => { console.log(Node server listening on http://localhost:${PORT}); }); `

rajivkrcommented, Jul 18, 2020

Still facing the issue

Read more comments on GitHub >

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