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Min value is displayed as active, but cannot be selected when clicked

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Hi there,

I’m facing an issue with the calendar: while my min date is set and it’s displayed as selectable, I actually can’t select it when I click on it, but I can select the max value, ironically.

I’m setting values like this in the TS file:

@Input() beginDate= new Date('2019-05-16');
@Input() endDate =new Date('2019-06-15');
@Input() selectedDate= new Date('2019-05-18');

And this is what i write in the component template:

<input [owlDateTimeTrigger]="dt1" [owlDateTime]="dt1" [min]="beginDate" [max]="endDate" [value]="selectedDate">
<owl-date-time [pickerType]="'calendar'" #dt1></owl-date-time>

Can anybody bring any light on this? Thanks in advance!

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jaco-terbraakcommented, Sep 27, 2019

I’ve found a workaround: Make sure to set the min to midnight in local time, including milliseconds. So to set the minimum date to tomorrow, do it like this: minDate = moment().add(1, 'd').set({hours: 0, minutes: 0, seconds: 0, milliseconds: 0});

This way the date compare function won’t get confused, and selecting the min date will work.

ayazdinkcommented, Aug 16, 2019

You need to set the min to current date with 0 hour, 0 minute and 0 second

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