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Hello, i am getting “ERROR Error: OwlDateTimePicker: No provider found for DateTimePicker. You must import one of the following modules at your application root: OwlNativeDateTimeModule, OwlMomentDateTimeModule, or provide a custom implementation.”

When i navigate to a form that has the control configured. I recently updated from Angular 6 to Angular 7, i have updated package.json to “ng-pick-datetime”: “^7.0.0”, “ng-pick-datetime-moment”: “^1.0.8”

i previously had all a shared module configured as such:

export const MY_NATIVE_FORMATS = {
  fullPickerInput: 'DD MMM YYYY hh:mm',
  datePickerInput: 'DD MMM YYYY',
  timePickerInput: 'hh:mm',
  monthYearLabel: 'MMM YYYY',
  dateA11yLabel: 'DD MMM YYYY',
  monthYearA11yLabel: 'MMM YYYY',

  imports: [
  providers: [{provide: OWL_DATE_TIME_FORMATS, useValue: MY_NATIVE_FORMATS}],
  declarations: [],
  exports: [OwlDateTimeModule, OwlMomentDateTimeModule]
export class SharedModule { }

this would be imported into my AppModule. since updating i got the error above, but i have since tried putting this same code into various places. AppModule Only: got error in my other modules that it couldn’t find it. AppModule as well: error as above. All Modules: error as above.

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Manbeccommented, Jan 19, 2019

Just like you, I recently updated and just need OwlMomentDateTimeModule which used to work fine.

Turns out I was importing: import {OwlMomentDateTimeModule} from 'ng-pick-datetime-moment';

Now it should be: import {OwlMomentDateTimeModule} from 'ng-pick-datetime/date-time/adapter/moment-adapter/moment-date-time.module';

Hope it helps 😃

PS: Now you can remove ‘ng-pick-datetime-moment’ from your package.json

Xstream007commented, Oct 6, 2020

Please refer the given link for Angular 9 and above:- DanielMoncada/Angular-datetime-picker

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