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ELU instead of ReLU in conv_dw_no_bn

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Hi, nice work on this repo!

I’m wondering that why do you use ELU instead of ReLU in con_dw_no_bw, while the conv_dw counterpart uses the regular ReLU: Is there a particular reason to use ELU? I didn’t see any mentioning of activation function in your paper or the original openpose paper.

Thank you!

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Daniil-Osokincommented, May 23, 2019

Good question! For this particular network architecture there is no difference, it is from unfinished experiment. Nets with ReLU activations exposed “dead” neurons problem, so some percentage of neurons just never works. And the purpose of this work is to do lightweight net, yet maintain baseline accuracy. One of possible ways to reduce network complexity and save original capacity is to get rid of “dead” neurons with other activation function, so network can be more narrow (no “dead” neurons) but have same capacity (and accuracy). So here we’ve used ELU and the next thing is to reduce number of channels in these layers, but the time is left. I’ve taken this idea from RMNet paper: “Fast and Accurate Person Re-Identification with RMNet” by E. Izutov.

Daniil-Osokincommented, Mar 3, 2020

We do not. I’m think the best way is to mask out occluded points too, so network may predict them (if it smart enough), but we will not penalize it if it cannot do it.

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