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the issues of add on the joint

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Dear Sir,

Currently I am doing research project for my degree. I have some problem with adding an extra point at the middle hip (pelvis), I have change the part connection by following the parameter from [] I am using 19 points. The issue now I am facing is about the when the code function group_keypoints(all_keypoints_by_type, pafs, pose_entry_size=19, min_paf_score=0.05, demo=False) operating, my 'kpts_b" always get the error ‘IndexError: list index out of range’.

Hope you can tell me how to add on the point like how you add ‘neck’ by using COCO dataset.

Thank you so much.

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  • Created 4 years ago
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Daniil-Osokincommented, Dec 10, 2019

I believe the main milestone here is to understand <del>(the paper)</del> what are BODY_PARTS_KPT_IDS and BODY_PARTS_PAF_IDS, for this check #8 (you may also find some useful information in other issues). Basically you need to extend them properly (add proper values to the end), and make network to predict additional heatmap for pelvis and additional pafs (you may add two: left_hip->pelvis, right_hip->pelvis or so). The code in grouping will handle it automatically.

Daniil-Osokincommented, Dec 20, 2019

Hope, it helped.

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