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Issue loading NetWASM.js

See original GitHub issue

First of all, GREAT work on this! Can’t wait to get off the ground with your lib given the super-thorough implementation of most industry features (VERY impressive for a JS lib in ML).

That said, I’m having an issue get the WebASM version to load (via NPM, from a node http server). I’ve added a static pass-through path to the /dist folder in the node_modules, and the files appear to pass through to the browser just fine, but I get a str.charCodeAt is not a function error right off.



NetWASM.js:1 failed to asynchronously prepare wasm: TypeError: str.charCodeAt is not a function
shell_printErr @ NetWASM.js:1
(anonymous) @ NetWASM.js:1
Promise.catch (async)
doNativeWasm @ NetWASM.js:1
Module.asm @ NetWASM.js:1
(anonymous) @ NetWASM.js:1
splitPathRe @ NetWASM.js:1
__webpack_require__ @ bootstrap 223be6444fa9ea82d12d:54
exports.webassembly @ jsNet.js:7
(anonymous) @ sim.js:18
(anonymous) @ app.js:9909
__webpack_require__ @ bootstrap 223be6444fa9ea82d12d:54
(anonymous) @ app.js:4326
__webpack_require__ @ bootstrap 223be6444fa9ea82d12d:54
webpackJsonpCallback @ bootstrap 223be6444fa9ea82d12d:25
(anonymous) @ app.js:1

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  • State:closed
  • Created 6 years ago
  • Comments:14 (5 by maintainers)

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kwhitleycommented, Mar 22, 2018

Ok, I think it was one of my loaders or resolvers in webpack (for SASS compilation, React, JSX, etc)… I commented out my entire config and have been adding it back piece by piece. The errors are cleared for the moment.

Crossing my fingers!

Also thanks for the quick fix for the fs issue - worked for me! 👍

kwhitleycommented, Mar 22, 2018

I can confirm the .wasm is loading identically to yours btw 👍

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