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The state always contains the complete state of all stores ?

See original GitHub issue


  this.subs.sink = this.auctionsStoreService.stateChanged.subscribe(
         (state: AuctionState) => {

state contains all data from all other stores und not just the data that is related to auctions ? is that the expected behavior ?

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DanWahlincommented, Dec 20, 2019

Good deal. That’s typically how I organize the store structure as well.

As far as stateWithPropertyChanges, it fires when setState() is called by the given service (assuming there’s a subscriber) and passes the state that was set as the second parameter. Since you can’t set a nested property directly (due to having to go through the parent property), it won’t be able to pass a nested property that changed when stateWithPropertyChanges fires since there could be several properties that could change all at once.

For example, customer.firstName and customer.lastName could be set together. The customer value would therefore be passed to the subscriber of stateWithPropertyChanges. If you need to compare nested properties then you’d need to compare before and after values wherever you subscribe to stateWithPropertyChanges.

roger-glcommented, Dec 19, 2019

Thanks again for the answer. I now started to give the store more structure by having a property for each service (customer, orders and so on). Which that approach I feel much more comfortable. The only problem so far is, that stateWithPropertyChanges does not work for nested properties.

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