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Why won't a getter from a service/state work after any store changes?

See original GitHub issue

Hi there,

Just to clarify my understanding:

If you read: #using-observable-store-with-angular => Point 9, it says the following:

// Can call service/store to get data directly 
// It won't fire when the store state changes though in this case
//this.storeSub = this.customersService.get().subscribe(custs => this.customers = custs);

I find that the following is indeed not working:

public getIsLoggedIn(): Observable<boolean> {
    return this.stateChanged.pipe(switchMap((x) => of(x.isAuthenticated)));

Why isn’t it the case that when you call a get wrapper function that it won’t fire any subsequent, or even initial/last state changes?

Also here: #comment @DanWahlin says the following:

… Currently the store will send the latest state so I wanted to check on that part of your scenario there.

I’m thinking i’m missing some big part of the puzzle but I haven’t been able to figure it out.

Thank you for any answers!

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  • Created 3 years ago
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JasonLandbridgecommented, Feb 11, 2021

@spierala, thanks for the answer!

I managed to solve it but the problem was unrelated to Observable Store.

I was making separate service classes, and some service classes had a dependency on others. My mistake was putting all those subscriptions in the constructor of each service class, which meant some subscriptions weren’t even setup to begin with.

I solved this by giving each service class a setup() function and then call each ‘service.setup()’ on app startup.

Now everything works as perfectly!

Stupid mistake on my part.

DanWahlincommented, Feb 11, 2021

I’m catching up on the thread (thanks for jumping in @spierala - appreciate that) but am glad you found the root of the problem @JasonLandbridge. I do something similar in my services where I need to initialize something. I call it init but it’s basically the same purpose as your setup call.

As far as the “stupid mistake on my part” comment, I can sympathize. I’ve made plenty of those mistakes myself. 😃

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