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Status update on Incremental and Grid Search

See original GitHub issue

Quick status update: I wanted to explore a workflow that would use scikit-learn as much as possible. We’d use scikit-learn for all the hyper-parameter optimization and the actual training. Dask would just provide the large arrays.

The end goal is something as close as possible to GridSearchCV(SGDClassifier()) trained on a larger-than-memory dataset.

X, y = load_dask_arrays()

clf = sklearn.linear_model.SGDClassifier()
gs = sklearn.model_selection.GridSearchCV(clf, param_grid), y)

First, we have to avoid passing a large Dask array to, as it would be converted to an ndarray. So we wrap it with Incremental, which passes blocks to the SGDClassifier.partial_fit:

import dask_ml.wrappers

X, y = load_dask_arrays()

clf = sklearn.linear_model.SGDClassifier()
inc = dsak_ml.wrappers.Incremental(clf)
gs = sklearn.model_selection.GridSearchCV(clf, param_grid), y)

At this point,, y) works fine (I’m currently debugging unexpectedly high memory usage, but let’s ignore that for now), but there’s a subtle issue with inc.score(X, y), which surfaces in GridSeachCV. By default, a pass-through scorer is used, which is SGDClassifier.score. This ends up using sklearn.metrics.accuracy_score, which end up converting the test Dask arrays into large ndarrays on a single worker. This is captured in #200.

A workaround to the scoring issue is to manually pass a scorer that is able to work well with Dask arrays. We’ve implemented a few in Dask-ML:

import dask_ml.wrappers
import dask_ml.metrics
from sklearn.metrics import make_scorer

X, y = load_dask_arrays()
scorer = make_scorer(dask_ml.metrics.accuracy_score)

clf  = sklearn.linear_model.SGDClassifier()
inc = dask_ml.wrappers.Incremental(clf, scoring=scorer)
gs = sklearn.model_selection.GridSearchCV(clf, param_grid), y)

This gets us serial hyper-parameter optimization on larger-than-memory Dask arrays. To do things in parallel, we can use the distributed backend.

import dask_ml.joblib
from sklearn.externals import joblib

with joblib.parallel_backend("dask"):, y)

I’ll post benchmarks later when I’ve run them.

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TomAugspurgercommented, Jun 8, 2018
TomAugspurgercommented, Jun 29, 2018 solves the ordering issue.

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