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Collect console.debug, info and warn too

See original GitHub issue

Right now only console.error is being enhanced to report errors to Datadog. I would like too:

  • Be able to redirect console.debug, and console.warn to Datadog (depending on the log level of course).
  • Be able to hide console messages in my production environment.

Reasons: Right now I log to datadog when I am in my production environment. In my localhost environment, I want to log into the console. If I use “datadogLogs.logger.debug”, in my localhost environnement I have on those ugly warnings: logs.logger.debug' not yet available, please call '.init()' first. I could wrap all my log conditionally like this of course:

      if (process.env.REACT_APP_DATADOG_CLIENT_TOKEN) {
      } else {

But that’s way too much code for one log.

Suggestion Improve startConsoleTracking to handle all logging methods from the console. Also, do not apply originalConsoleError all the time: use a configurable parameter to skip this part conditionnaly.

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

bcaudancommented, May 28, 2020

Hello @fromi,

Thanks for the feedback! It is something that we plan to do in the coming weeks.

We will ping here when it will be available.

BenoitZugmeyercommented, Apr 21, 2022

This feature has been released in the Logs Browser SDK v4.8.0! See forwardConsoleLogs initialization parameter in the documentation

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