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RUM not automatically working with HashRouter

See original GitHub issue


I’m integrating the @datadog/browser-rum with at our react (16.12.0) application that uses react-router-dom (5.1.2) to manage the routers.

We are currently using HashRouter and due to already existing analysis data, we can’t migrate from HashRouter to BrowserRouter without having the /# prefixed.

Basically, the issue we have is that the @datadog/browser-rum seems not to be integrating with HashRouter very well. I uploaded some code I was using to debug here, but basically I’m setting the datadogRum and router like this:


Even that the hashchange event is being triggered, the paths are not being correct updated at datadog:


Also, we trying to migrate from HashRouter to BrowserRouter keeping the /# prefixed. Like this:


But with this approach the datadogRum don’t update the locationPath also.

It’s possible that this is a bug? Thanks!

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vzakharov-rxntcommented, Nov 2, 2021

I think hash routing should work out of the box. Should be no need to implement the following approach:

event.view.url = event.view.url.replace('#', '')
strowkcommented, Aug 16, 2021

I tried replacing hash with slash - this worked, sort of, but does not seem to be very stable. Sometimes I still get something like SPA Route Change / or Load Page / followed by Load Page /hash , even though I am sure client was always loading /#hash, I checked that Load Page / view and I can see that url was with /#hash, so sdk somehow firstly reported view without applying that function and then reported another view after applying function… I think such partial solution would be more confusing. Even though it gives somewhat more insight, I do not want to introduce this hack into codebase, which potentially can be broken and has to be maintained.

I will wait for this issue to get proper resolution and full support of hash router (or rejection if you choose to do so), before proceeding. In the meantime I guess we just have to ignore “view” in RUM webconsole

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