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Feature Request: Apply Cloudwatch Log Group Tags as Datadog Tags

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Hello there!

We love the capabilities of the Data Logging Pipeline, and we use it quite heavily today! One feature we’ve always enjoyed is the nice UX of installing an agent and having it aggregate EC2 Tagging metadata as tags in Datadog’s Logging product.

We also make heavy use of the Datadog Log Forwader for our ECS Workloads, however, we’ve noticed that some of the metadata we used to get in EC2 isn’t necessarily working how we’d expect with Cloudwatch log groups.

What would be really nice is if this same behavior applied to Cloudwatch Log Groups so we wouldn’t have to encode aggregation data into our Structured Logs and try to parse it out via the Logging Pipeline.

For example, if we tag a Cloudwatch log group resource in AWS with

Env: 'production'
Service: 'auth'

We would love to have any logs from that log group be searchable and aggregated by those tags as well!

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

eboulfakhrcommented, Jun 3, 2020

Hello! We have a similar need. I added tags to the aws elasticsearch slow logs logroup but I am not able to see these tags in the the logs forwarded to datadog.

thank you!

VolkerSchiewecommented, Nov 2, 2021

Would love to see that 👍 we are forwarding API Gateway access logs to datadog using the lambda forwarder. Without the service and env tag it is hard to correlated these logs with the lambda invocations.

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