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should "extends" work in "settings.json"?

See original GitHub issue

I have global settings for the command line tool in ~/.config/markdownlint/config.

This doesn’t seem to be picked up by the vscode extension by default.

I tried to use "extends" to read it in but it doesn’t seem to work:

"extends": "../.markdownlint.json",

Should I expect this to work or no?

If not, then "extends" should show up as invalid in settings.json.

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  • Created 4 years ago
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DavidAnsoncommented, Sep 28, 2020

Please uninstall your custom version and install 0.37.0 - your scenario works fine for me there. Thanks for bringing this up!

xeho91commented, Sep 28, 2020

It works for me as well in 0.37.0 with extending ./config/.markdownlint.json. Thank you very much!

However, I am NOT seeing the need to restart VS Code for other changes to ./config/.markdownlint.json to take effect - those are applied immediately. You can look at the Output / markdownlint window to see when config changes are detected and reloaded.

I tested it again (with the new version 0.37.0). The problem doesn’t exist, as long as the name of the file follows the format specified in the docs - as in .markdownlint.json. However, if you change slightly the name, for example: .markdownlintrc.json, then the problem exists. Not a big deal though. We will name the config file as .markdownlint.json. Thank you again!

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