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Preparation for v3.1 release

See original GitHub issue

The following tasks need completing, in order to release v3.1:


  • Add missing tests for Copy()
  • Agree naming/behaviour of With and Copy with @Odonno and add extra methods as required
  • Check code against R#'s code inspections and implement any improvements


  • Deconstruct for Option, Maybe and Success types
  • ValueOrDefault for Option and Maybe types
  • Pattern matching for Success type
  • Cons pattern matching
  • Accessing Union values directly (@peter-majeed contribution)
  • With and Copy extensions (@Odonno contribution)
  • Add @Odonno and @peter-majeed to the contributor list
  • Update release notes, version history and readme as required


  • Create v4.0 branch from v3.1.
  • Remove Copy and With from the v3.1 branch
  • Merge to master
  • Add performance testing project back into solution (on v4.0 branch only!)
  • Push master; package and publish nuget packages
  • Push wiki changes
  • And relax…

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  • Created 6 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

peter-majeedcommented, Feb 14, 2018

No problem, @DavidArno, things look good here!

DavidArnocommented, Feb 13, 2018

Oh and thanks to you both for your offers of help. Knowing that people cared that much spurred me on to putting a bit of effort in to getting v3.1 out. Thanks, both.

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