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Wrong position when removing multiple items

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Hi David, in continuation to other issues we worked on last week, I encountered this one too. Since it’s an issue that is not related to other issues we had, I thought it would be better to open a new ticket to better address the problem, and for other users to be able to solve this particular issue in case they have it too. The problem I have is the position I get in onBindViewHolderwhen removing multiple items. Scenario: I create multiple DFP banners ad requests. Inside the onBind method, I have a listener that is invoked if the banner fails to load. In that case, I try to remove the item.

Relevant code: At first I tried:

adapter.notifyItemRangeChanged(position, mDataUtils.getCurrentDataSet().size());

In other isuues to say that there is no need to use notify*** mehtods, so I then tried:

adapter.updateDataSet(new ArrayList(mDataUtils.getCurrentDataSet()),false);

Both didn’t do the trick.

The issue: When removing the first item of multiple ones, the position I get in the onBindViewHolder method of the item is ok and no problem.

After that, every other item I remove, the position of the item I get is invalid. I think it has to do with the range not being updated and hence, resulting in getting the wrong position of the item.

Any suggestions? #324

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  • Created 6 years ago
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davideascommented, Apr 5, 2017

globalPosition is the real one for the Adapter point of view.

davideascommented, Apr 6, 2017

Sorry @henengel, please use Snapshot version (published yesterday eve) if you consider it better, read last post in issue 39 for release notes. I will be busy for the time being.

Regarding the ClassCast it will take some time and debugging from your side, better if you search on Internet. I see that the codes references are completely different in the 2 lists you’ve shown me. So they are different object in memory too. I really do not know how your use case works and the whole code running behind.

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