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Layout Broken and/or new version not detected?

See original GitHub issue

Apologies for creating this under the wrong project originally.

I’ve installed things via HACS and seem to be stuck on 0.94?

Layout appears fine in Chrome but in Edge the top elements are mis-aligned.


type: custom:bom-weather-card
title: BOM Weather
entity_current_conditions: sensor.truganina_icon_descriptor_0
entity_temperature: sensor.laverton_temp
entity_daytime_high: sensor.truganina_temp_max_0
entity_daytime_low: sensor.truganina_temp_min_0
entity_forecast_high_temp_1: sensor.truganina_temp_max_1
entity_forecast_high_temp_2: sensor.truganina_temp_max_2
entity_forecast_high_temp_3: sensor.truganina_temp_max_3
entity_forecast_high_temp_4: sensor.truganina_temp_max_4
entity_forecast_high_temp_5: sensor.truganina_temp_max_5
entity_forecast_icon_1: sensor.truganina_icon_descriptor_1
entity_forecast_icon_2: sensor.truganina_icon_descriptor_2
entity_forecast_icon_3: sensor.truganina_icon_descriptor_3
entity_forecast_icon_4: sensor.truganina_icon_descriptor_4
entity_forecast_icon_5: sensor.truganina_icon_descriptor_5
entity_forecast_low_temp_1: sensor.truganina_temp_min_1
entity_forecast_low_temp_2: sensor.truganina_temp_min_2
entity_forecast_low_temp_3: sensor.truganina_temp_min_3
entity_forecast_low_temp_4: sensor.truganina_temp_min_4
entity_forecast_low_temp_5: sensor.truganina_temp_min_5
entity_summary_1: sensor.truganina_short_text_1
entity_summary_2: sensor.truganina_short_text_2
entity_summary_3: sensor.truganina_short_text_3
entity_summary_4: sensor.truganina_short_text_4
entity_summary_5: sensor.truganina_short_text_5
entity_sun: sun.sun
entity_wind_bearing: sensor.laverton_wind_direction
entity_wind_speed: sensor.laverton_wind_speed_kilometre
entity_wind_gust: sensor.laverton_gust_speed_kilometre
entity_humidity: sensor.netatmo_outdoor_humidity
entity_pressure: sensor.netatmo_indoor_pressure
entity_apparent_temp: sensor.laverton_temp_feels_like
entity_daily_summary: sensor.truganina_extended_text_0
entity_pop: sensor.truganina_rain_chance_0
entity_pop_intensity: sensor.laverton_rain_since_9am
entity_possible_today: sensor.truganina_rain_amount_range_0
entity_pos_1: sensor.truganina_rain_amount_range_1
entity_pos_2: sensor.truganina_rain_amount_range_2
entity_pos_3: sensor.truganina_rain_amount_range_3
entity_pos_4: sensor.truganina_rain_amount_range_4
entity_pos_5: sensor.truganina_rain_amount_range_5
entity_pop_1: sensor.truganina_rain_chance_1
entity_pop_2: sensor.truganina_rain_chance_2
entity_pop_3: sensor.truganina_rain_chance_3
entity_pop_4: sensor.truganina_rain_chance_4
entity_pop_5: sensor.truganina_rain_chance_5
locale: en
old_daily_format: false
old_icon: false
show_beaufort: false
static_icons: false
time_format: 24
tooltip_bg_color: rgb( 75,155,239)
tooltip_border_color: orange
tooltip_border_width: 3
tooltip_caret_size: 10
tooltip_fg_color: '#fff'
tooltip_left_offset: -12
tooltip_width: 100
tooltips: true

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  • Created a year ago
  • Comments:22 (9 by maintainers)

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DavidFW1960commented, May 2, 2022

Just leave it open for now. Lots of people with the problem then hopefully see this instead of opening a new issue.

DavidFW1960commented, May 2, 2022

Ok v1.03 just released to fix this

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