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jsonb_pretty method buffer ending prematurely

See original GitHub issue


When the postgres method jsonb_pretty is used on a jsonb object that is larger than ~15-20 lines, then the result is cut off. Not sure if it is cut off from a certain number of characters or certain number of lines. i.e.

test@localhost:main>  select jsonb_pretty(object) from table;
| jsonb_pretty                                                      |
| [                                                                 |
|     {                                                             |
|         "sample": "1",                                            |
|         "this": {                                                 |
|             "does": true,                                         |
|             "not": null,                                          |
|             "output": null,                                       |
|             "properly": null,                                     |
|             "and": null,                                          |
|             "is": null,                                           |
|             "cut": null                                           |
|         },                                                        |
|         "off": "false",                                           |
|         "prematurely": false,                                     |
|         "unfortunately": true                                     |

Your environment

Connected to a local postgres database

  • Please provide your OS and version information. Running Mac OS 10.14.5

  • Please provide your CLI version. pgcli version 2.1.1 (latest)

  • What is the output of pip freeze command. No output.

To be clear, this issue does not happen when using the native psql cli tool for postgres.

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  • Created 4 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

Jl14Salvadorcommented, Jul 15, 2019

I actually had it installed through brew and it looks like the formula had not been updated yet. And when i uninstalled and reinstalled it the issue persisted. I then uninstalled it using brew and reinstalled it through pip instead and that installed the latest version with that fix you mentioned (from cli-helper 1.2.1). Thanks for your help! @amjith 🎉

Globegittercommented, Sep 18, 2019

If I use the normal psql client btw it can print the column just fine.

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