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filtering result set in grid by unnamed column fails / and there is an inefficient subquery

See original GitHub issue

System information:

  • Operating system (distribution) and version: Windows 10
  • DBeaver version: 21.3.3

Connection specification:

  • Database name and version: SQL Server 2016

Describe the problem you’re observing:

When I have a grid with unnamed columns and try filtering on those columns, it fails. ezgif-6-969eb532c8 And the reason it fails is that the grid dataset is filtered using a subquery! This is not efficient.

I want to filter an already retrieved dataset without re-running the original query as subquery.

Please look at Toad for SQL Server as example: as soon as data is loaded, you can filter it like an Excel table, and there are no additional queries sent to the server.

Steps to reproduce, if exist:

I use SQL server but I guess it will fail in other DB types. Run any query that returns unnamed columns. E.g.

select object_schema_name(object_id), object_name(object_id) from sys.all_objects;

Try filtering on the column.

Issue Analytics

  • State:closed
  • Created 2 years ago
  • Comments:5 (4 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

igorzhilincommented, Mar 15, 2022

Still reproducible in

  1. Run this query: select object_schema_name(object_id), object_name(object_id) from sys.all_objects; in any DB in SQL Server.
  2. Filter any column with any value. image
serge-ridercommented, Mar 16, 2022

Unfortunately it is not possible to filter by columns with empty name. Generally SQL restricts columns with empty names, it is SQL Server-specific issue.

Workaround: add column aliases:

select object_schema_name(object_id) schema_name, object_name(object_id) object_name from sys.all_objects
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