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Can i choose a namespace color?

See original GitHub issue
error = require('debug')('app:error');

Can i make error to be exclusively red?

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TooTallNatecommented, Mar 7, 2017

Selecting the color itself is a bit wonky since you have to know the index in the array of the color that you want, but basically just set the debugInstance.color property of the instance to one of the values in the debug.colors Array. So for red you want index 5:

const createDebug = require('debug')
const error = createDebug('error')
error.color = createDebug.colors[5]


screen shot 2017-03-07 at 8 41 50 am

Yalhucommented, Apr 13, 2018

@TooTallNate All the debug’s output is console.log), including error var error=debug('debug:error').It is just a different color of namespace, not a real console.error. What’s more ,its color isn’t red.

How should I output a debug different infomation of info/log/warn/error, which I can filter on chrome console. wheather they are on a same color. Or same background color, different text color to distinguish info/log/warn/error. May be same feature with #514

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