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Add-on auth TX failed: Insufficient funds

See original GitHub issue

Actual behavior:

I try to Convert or send any DFI. I always receive the error Bildschirmfoto 2021-06-22 um 13 17 32

Expected behavior:

Can Send to Transaction.

How to reproduce it (as minimally and precisely as possible):

I receive always the the same error. I simply just try send my self some DFI no transfer. I send myself already 2 DFI, See Balance: Bildschirmfoto 2021-06-22 um 13 16 28

I tried the following Guide:

gettokenbalances {} true true

  "DFI": 277.30827445,

When try to convert via ‘accounttoutxos’ I receive the following error:

 accounttoutxos dKBPCKjpPvtQCpHQP5tsYkEnaB1cnH93aA {"dKBPCKjpPvtQCpHQP5tsYkEnaB1cnH93aA":"1.0@DFI"} 

The Adress has the amount available.

listaccounts {} false false true

    "key": "a9143f2f968043e5b9824608775489f74fb40308cf0f87@0",
    "owner": "dKBPCKjpPvtQCpHQP5tsYkEnaB1cnH93aA",
    "amount": "4.04765201@DFI"
    "key": "a9143f2f968043e5b9824608775489f74fb40308cf0f87@2",
    "owner": "dKBPCKjpPvtQCpHQP5tsYkEnaB1cnH93aA",
    "amount": "0.00000063@BTC"
    "key": "a9143f2f968043e5b9824608775489f74fb40308cf0f87@5",
    "owner": "dKBPCKjpPvtQCpHQP5tsYkEnaB1cnH93aA",
    "amount": "1.80395299@BTC-DFI"

What are your environment parameters?

  • DeFi Wallet Version: 2.5.2
  • Operating System (OS): Mac OSX – Current free storage capacity: 300GB

Anything else we need to know?

Issue Analytics

  • State:closed
  • Created 2 years ago
  • Comments:18 (11 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

mat42xcommented, Jul 4, 2021

I have the same problem. No idea what I can do…

supervolotcommented, Sep 12, 2021

I have made the update to 2.6.5 an now the “accounttoutuxos” worked fine

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