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No Show Sneaking After /npc sneak

See original GitHub issue



From the tests we have done, when we run the command “/ npc sneak” the message shows that the NPC is sneak but the NPC does not sneak. It’s an NPC player like you and me.

We have no error in the console.

This server is running Paper version git-Paper-156 (MC:1.14.4) Implementing API version 1.14.4-R0.1-SNAPSHOT)
Checking version, please wait...
You are 3 version(s) behind

Citizens version 2.0.25-SNAPSHOT (build 1738)
Author: Fullwall

Denizen version 1.0.6-SNAPSHOT (build 1676-REL)
Author: The DenizenScript Team

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  • State:closed
  • Created 4 years ago
  • Comments:9 (3 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

mcmonkey4evacommented, Oct 22, 2019

The original code for this relied on Bukkit calls… but Spigot appears to have not updated how those calls work for 1.14.x. I’ve gone ahead and implemented an NMS module based solution to make it work properly again.

axemwacommented, Aug 7, 2019

I think it might be client side visual bug, cause when I join my 1.14.4 server on a 1.14.4 client the NPC doesn’t appear to be crouching however when I join my 1.14.4 server on a 1.13.2 client the npc crouches

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