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Improve menu layout versatility

See original GitHub issue

For example, these are my cameras:


The issues with the available layouts are:

  1. Hidden/Overlay/Hover Top -> clashes with my camera’s watermark
  2. Hidden/Overlay/Hover Bottom -> clashes with UI buttons when using HA or WebRTC live view provider
  3. Hidden/Overlay/Hover Left -> As it starts from top to bottom, also clashes with the watermark
  4. Hidden/Overlay/Hover Right -> Too close to my PTZ controls

Of course, my current best option is to use “Above” or “Below”, but if I had a “Overlay Top Right”, that would be my preference.

So, the suggestion is to have some additional config modes, so that:

- 'hidden-top',
+ 'hidden-top-left',
+ 'hidden-top-right',
- 'hidden-left',
+ 'hidden-left-top',
+ 'hidden-left-bottom',
- 'hidden-bottom',
+ 'hidden-bottom-left',
+ 'hidden-bottom-right',
- 'hidden-right',
+ 'hidden-right-top',
+ 'hidden-right-bottom',
- 'overlay-top',
+ 'overlay-top-left',
+ 'overlay-top-right',
- 'overlay-left',
+ 'overlay-left-top',
+ 'overlay-left-bottom',
- 'overlay-bottom',
+ 'overlay-bottom-left',
+ 'overlay-bottom-right',
- 'overlay-right',
+ 'overlay-right-top',
+ 'overlay-right-bottom',
- 'hover-top',
+ 'hover-top-left',
+ 'hover-top-right',
- 'hover-left',
+ 'hover-left-top',
+ 'hover-left-bottom',
- 'hover-bottom',
+ 'hover-bottom-left',
+ 'hover-bottom-right',
- 'hover-right',
+ 'hover-right-top',
+ 'hover-right-bottom',
- 'above',
+ 'above-left',
+ 'above-right',
- 'below',
+ 'below-left',
+ 'below-right',

But I think it could be greatly simplified to end user if new attributes were added. Like:

style: "hidden", "overlay", "hover", "flat" // "flat" is equivalent to "above" and "below"
position: "top", "bottom", "left", "right" // for "flat" style, the options "top" and "bottom" controls the previous "above"/"below".
corner: "top", "bottom", "left", "right" // configuration UI should only show "top" and "bottom" when position is "left" or "right", and vice-versa

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  • Created 2 years ago
  • Comments:8 (6 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

Hukuma1commented, Feb 22, 2022

My Google-Fu has failed me. Thank you! Works amazing right-out-of-the-box. Especially since my cameras are amcrest 😄

felipecrscommented, Feb 22, 2022

@Hukuma1 but PTZ is already possible, check the README for examples. Here is mine:

Screenshot_20220222-133416_Home Assistant.png

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