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Issues with the Frigate HA Add On

See original GitHub issue


  • I updated to the latest version available
  • I cleared the cache of my browser

Release with the issue: v0.1.4

Last working release (if known): N/A

Browser and Operating System: I’m running the Frigate add on for Hassio behind a reverse proxy, and I’ve tried accessing from both Chrome and Edge running on Windows 11.

Description of problem: While the live camera view works great, I don’t think the card is successfully communicating with the Frigate HA addon. For example, when I try to bring up the clips view on a camera, the card goes grey and shows a small exclamation point icon. The developer console gives this error message: “SyntaxError: Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0”

And when I click “view frigate UI,” it takes me to a blank screen with the home assistant wrapper. The card pulls up “https://homeassistant.[mydomain].org/ccab4aaf_frigate/cameras/doorbellCam,” but that url doesn’t go anywhere. But if I change the Frigate URL to “http://[internal IP address]:5000,” it happily appends “/cameras/doorbellCam” and takes me to the right screen.

Javascript errors shown in the web inspector (if applicable):

frigate-hass-card.js?hacstag=394082552014:406 SyntaxError: Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0
_getEvents @ frigate-hass-card.js?hacstag=394082552014:406
async function (async)
_getEvents @ frigate-hass-card.js?hacstag=394082552014:406
_renderEvents @ frigate-hass-card.js?hacstag=394082552014:409
render @ frigate-hass-card.js?hacstag=394082552014:457
update @ frigate-hass-card.js?hacstag=394082552014:185
performUpdate @ frigate-hass-card.js?hacstag=394082552014:148
_enqueueUpdate @ frigate-hass-card.js?hacstag=394082552014:148
async function (async)
_enqueueUpdate @ frigate-hass-card.js?hacstag=394082552014:148
requestUpdateInternal @ frigate-hass-card.js?hacstag=394082552014:148
set @ frigate-hass-card.js?hacstag=394082552014:148
_changeView @ frigate-hass-card.js?hacstag=394082552014:406
_menuActionHandler @ frigate-hass-card.js?hacstag=394082552014:423
_callAction @ frigate-hass-card.js?hacstag=394082552014:365
V.menuMode.expand.V.expand @ frigate-hass-card.js?hacstag=394082552014:381
handleEvent @ frigate-hass-card.js?hacstag=394082552014:82
I.__boundHandleEvent @ frigate-hass-card.js?hacstag=394082552014:82

Additional information:

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  • State:closed
  • Created 2 years ago
  • Comments:6 (4 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

dermotduffycommented, Aug 29, 2021

Hi all, I have a fairly complete fix for this ready. I hope to have a pre-release in the next few days.

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