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How to import ?

See original GitHub issue

How to import into TypeScript?

The only place I found this declaration is in devextreme/dist/ts/dx.all.d.ts. However, when I try

import { CustomStore } from 'devextreme/dist/ts/dx.all';

it doesn’t work. It gives: [ts] File 'devextreme/dist/ts/dx.all.d.ts' is not a module. – which is comprehensible, since there isn’t a dx.all.js in this same folder.

For the sake of completion: I’m trying to port this code from Angular 1.5:

    this.gridDataStore = new{
        load: (loadOptions) => $q.resolve(this.getBuffer(loadOptions.skip, loadOptions.skip + loadOptions.take)),
        totalCount: () => $q.resolve(,
        update: (key, values) => {[key.a] = values.c; return $q.resolve(values); }

Using “devextreme-angular2”: “^16.1.7” “typescript”: “2.0.3”

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  • Created 7 years ago
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GoshaFightencommented, Oct 21, 2016

You can do this in version 16.2. Recently, we published an alpha version of 16.2: 16.2.1-alpha.1. With this version, you can declare CustomStore like this:

import CustomStore from "devextreme/data/custom_store";

orders = new CustomStore({
    load: (opts) => {
        return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
            resolve([{ text: "Test" }]);
    totalCount: (opts) => {
        return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {

GoshaFightencommented, Oct 20, 2016

@fdcastel I think you are getting the Cannot find name 'DevExpress' error when tsc compiles our component. To resolve the issue, declare DevExpress in the following way:

declare let DevExpress: any;

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