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grouping with remote grouping for join not working

See original GitHub issue


I am using LinqToDb as database framework (if you use it you don’t want to use EF again 😃 ). Everything works fine for a normal query with a dx-grid. Buit if I try to create a left join query and access the header filter, the created query will fail.

This is my join:

var r = from k in this.GetTable<Person>() join ks in this.GetTable<Student>() on new Tuple<int, string>(k.Id, k.Number.ToString()) equals
               new Tuple<int, string>(ks.Id, ks.Number) into joinedTable
               from g in joinedTable.DefaultIfEmpty()
                    select new Person(k) {
            IsBlocked = (k.StatusBitmask & 0x80) != 0, IsBlockedStudent = (g.StatusBitmask & 0x80) != 0 };

The reault in the grid works perfect:

      public HttpResponseMessage GetFiltered( [FromUri]DataSourceLoadOptions loadOptions)
         LoadResult result = null;
            loadOptions.RemoteSelect = true;
            loadOptions.RequireTotalCount = true;
            using(var db = DbContext())
               // Get joined result will retrieve the joined query.
               result = DataSourceLoader.Load(db.GetJoinedResult(), loadOptions);
         catch (Exception ex)
            return new HttpResponseMessage(HttpStatusCode.InternalServerError);
         return Request.CreateResponse(result);

The resulting sql is the following:

-- Firebird
	Count(*) as c1,
	0 as c2
		LEFT JOIN STUDENT joinedTable ON k1.ID = joinedTable.ID AND Cast(k1.NUMBER as VarChar(11) CHARACTER SET UNICODE_FSS) = joinedTable.NUMBER

This does not work, because the order by is not valid. And I am not sure if this is the desired query?

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  • Created 5 years ago
  • Comments:8 (3 by maintainers)

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frankiDotNetcommented, Apr 9, 2018

Checked this with the guys at LinqToDb. It is the cause of using the copy constructor in the GetJoinedResult(), so the grouping had no data to group. Without using a copy constructor, but setting the properties directly in the select statement, this works. Thanks for your work!

frankiDotNetcommented, Apr 5, 2018

Nit 100% sure, but this could be a linq2db bug.

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