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I can not insert, delete or update data Web API Service.

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Hello! I use in the project Dotnet Core 2.1.4 WebApi and Angular 6. I use devextreme-aspnet-data-nojquery. When loadUrl data is sent to the client, and when using insertUrl, updateUrl, deleteUrl, the data is not received by the server.


import { Component, ChangeDetectionStrategy } from '@angular/core';
import { Api } from 'src/app/lib/_servers';
import CustomStore from 'devextreme/data/custom_store';
import { createStore } from 'devextreme-aspnet-data-nojquery';

  selector: 'app-building',
  templateUrl: './building.component.html',
  styleUrls: ['./building.component.css'],
  changeDetection: ChangeDetectionStrategy.OnPush
export class BuildingComponent  {
  masterDetailDataSource: any;
  dataSource: CustomStore;

  constructor() {

    this.dataSource = createStore({
      key: 'id',
      loadUrl: Api.uavr + '/JBuilding/load',
      insertUrl: Api.uavr + '/JBuilding/InsertJBuilding',
      updateUrl: Api.uavr + '/JBuilding/UpdateJBuilding',
      deleteUrl: Api.uavr + '/JBuilding/DeleteSection',

      onBeforeSend: function(method, ajaxOptions) {
        const jwt = JSON.parse(localStorage.getItem('currentUser'));
        ajaxOptions.xhrFields = { withCredentials: true };
        ajaxOptions.headers = { 'Authorization': 'Bearer ' + jwt.token };




    public IActionResult UpdateJBuilding(int key, string values)
        var section = _uavr.Jbuilding.FirstOrDefault(o => o.Id == key);
        if (section == null)
            return StatusCode(409, "Ошибка, раздел не найден");
        JsonConvert.PopulateObject(values, section);

        if (!TryValidateModel(section))
            return BadRequest(ModelState.ToFullErrorString());


        return Ok();


    public IActionResult InsertJBuilding(string values)
        var newJBuilding = new Jbuilding();

        JsonConvert.PopulateObject(values, newJBuilding);

        if (!TryValidateModel(newJBuilding))
            return BadRequest(ModelState.ToFullErrorString());


        return Ok();

    public IActionResult DeleteSection(int key)
        var jBuilding = _uavr.Jbuilding.FirstOrDefault(o => o.Id == key);
        // if (jBuilding == null)
        //     return StatusCode(409, "Раздел не найден");


        return Ok(key);

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  • Created 5 years ago
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Severanincommented, Oct 30, 2018


sometimesElencommented, Oct 31, 2018

Hi, Thank you for creating a ticket in our Support Center. We need additional time to research it.

We also kindly ask you to continue our communication in the context of the T685999 thread. Feel free to contact us there if you have any further questions.

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