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Support component loaded via vue-loader

See original GitHub issue

It components are loaded via vue-loader then window doesn’t contains Vue property. Need to investigate how vue-loader performs component loading.

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  • Created 6 years ago
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das-menschcommented, Aug 30, 2017

I was facing the same problem. A little workaround could be (using testcafe):

const setFakeVue = ClientFunction(() => {
    window.Vue = {version: "2.2.6"};

fixture `Home`.page('url').beforeEach(async t => {
    await setFakeVue();
leonardovilarinhocommented, Feb 27, 2018

Hi @miherlosev, I found my error!

The Vue documentation suggests use the camel case to declare the component names. For example: List; ListItem.

But in the testcafe-vue-selector code there is a transformation filter for lowercase in the tags. Resulting in: list; listitem.

Then search the testcafe for “list” and do not find the element, because “l” is in lowercase.

I’ll take you in the PR (#35). Now, the plugin allows the camel case format and suit components names.

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