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Calling ImagePciker from a Fragment

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Hi Dhaval2404, I am having an issue while fetching the result of the data from ImagePciker. I am using it in java and not kotlin. As you know that onActivityResult() is deprecated in fragments so its troublesome to receive the data in it. I am able to receive the data in Activity level so I know its working! I just want to know if using ActivityResultLauncher whats the parameter i need to pass inside createIntent() of image picker for java.

ImagePicker.with(this) .compress(1024) .maxResultSize(1080, 1080) .createIntent { intent -> startForProfileImageResult.launch(intent) }

How to resolve that lamba function for java since activityResultLauncher needs an intent to fire up. I really want to implement this ImagePicker in my project since its so enticing. Any help would suffice.

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alankkocommented, Jul 28, 2021

This works for me.

ImagePicker.Builder with = ImagePicker.with(this);
       with.maxResultSize(1080, 1080);
       with.createIntent(new Function1<Intent, Unit>() {
           public Unit invoke(Intent Intent) {
               startForProfileImageResult.launch(Intent );
               return null;
nguyencongbinhcommented, Jul 9, 2021
                .createIntent(intent -> {

I got the same problem too on Java. Missing return statement. Please kindly help.

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