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How to use this Imagepicker in fragment?

See original GitHub issue

Please give some example code to use imagepicker in fragment class. I got error:

                        .crop()	    			//Crop image(Optional), Check Customization for more option
                        .compress(1024)			//Final image size will be less than 1 MB(Optional)
                        .maxResultSize(1080, 1080)	//Final image resolution will be less than 1080 x 1080(Optional)

I got error on (this) that means it is not recognizing (this) and also getExternalFilesDir(). I think it is because we have to pass activity but we are in fragment.

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  • Created 2 years ago
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PickupAgency-Admincommented, Jan 11, 2022

It works fine in my app.


implementation 'com.github.dhaval2404:imagepicker:2.1'
compileSdkVersion 31
buildToolsVersion "31.0.0"

In your fragment

Create an activity result launcher:

private final ActivityResultLauncher<Intent> startForMediaPickerResult = registerForActivityResult(
        new ActivityResultContracts.StartActivityForResult(),
            result -> {
                Intent data = result.getData();
                if (data != null && result.getResultCode() == Activity.RESULT_OK) {
                    Uri resultUri = data.getData();
                else {
                    Toast.makeText(requireActivity(), ImagePicker.getError(data), Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();

Pick image

private void pickMedia() {
        String[] mimeTypes = {"image/png", "image/jpg", "image/jpeg"};
                .maxResultSize(800, 800)
                .createIntent(intent -> {
                    return null;
khchoudhary8commented, Nov 26, 2021

i have the same issue, do you have a resolution?

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