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client certificate as cacheKeyParameters

See original GitHub issue

Hi, I’m writing APIs that use MTLS (client certificates) as authentication, I would like to cache results based on that property (i.e. cache per client), I tried:

  enabled: true
  ttlInSeconds: 60
    - name: request.requestContext.identity.clientCert.serialNumber

but fails with Invalid mapping expression

For reference, this is the event my lambda receives:

  "event": {
    "resource": "/v1/...",
    "path": "/v1/...",
    "httpMethod": "GET",
    "headers": {
      "accept": "*/*",
      "accept-encoding": "gzip, deflate, br",
      "cache-control": "no-cache",
      "User-Agent": "PostmanRuntime/7.28.2"
    "multiValueHeaders": {
      "accept": [
      "accept-encoding": [
        "gzip, deflate, br"
      "cache-control": [
      "User-Agent": [
    "queryStringParameters": null,
    "multiValueQueryStringParameters": null,
    "pathParameters": null,
    "stageVariables": null,
    "requestContext": {
      "resourceId": "yzpjp5",
      "resourcePath": "/v1/...",
      "httpMethod": "GET",
      "extendedRequestId": "PCkYaG3ziYcFouQ=",
      "requestTime": "15/Mar/2022:19:22:16 +0000",
      "path": "/v1/...",
      "accountId": "105843011380",
      "protocol": "HTTP/1.1",
      "stage": "dev",
      "domainPrefix": "core",
      "requestTimeEpoch": 1647372136811,
      "requestId": "1cfff372-3db0-4ad0-a023-46c570c8adeb",
      "identity": {
        "cognitoIdentityPoolId": null,
        "clientCert": {
          "clientCertPem": "-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----...-----END CERTIFICATE-----",
          "serialNumber": "620155093573104977087960001264040226218798030419",
          "issuerDN": "CN=...",
          "validity": {
            "notAfter": "Mar  3 20:27:42 2023 GMT",
            "notBefore": "Mar  3 20:27:43 2022 GMT"
          "subjectDN": "CN=acme,O=acme"
        "cognitoIdentityId": null,
        "principalOrgId": null,
        "cognitoAuthenticationType": null,
        "userArn": null,
        "userAgent": "PostmanRuntime/7.28.2",
        "accountId": null,
        "caller": null,
        "accessKey": null,
        "cognitoAuthenticationProvider": null,
        "user": null
      "apiId": "lz44gudovl"
    "body": null,
    "isBase64Encoded": false

Is this possible? Thanks

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  • Created 2 years ago
  • Comments:7 (4 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

DianaIonitacommented, Apr 25, 2022

Hi @andres-ntropy

Thank you for the information provided. You’re right, the AWS_PROXY integration type check doesn’t seem required. If I recall correctly, it was added to support cache key parameters coming from the body of a request. However, I ran some tests and it doesn’t make a difference whether it’s AWS or AWS_PROXY, the cache key parameters are still properly configured.

I have therefore released v1.8.0 of the plugin which removes that check.

Feel free to reopen this issue if it doesn’t solve your problem.

DianaIonitacommented, Oct 28, 2022

Hi @tulsidas, That’s unfortunate 😦 Thank you for the update.

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