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Does not work for me

See original GitHub issue

I executed as in the example in the readme and it did not work correctly, of every form and configuration that I use it always removes all the elements when I am going to paste a content.

I put keepHtml to true and even then the tags defined in keepOnlyTags are removed when pasting content.

I am using version 0.8.7 with webpack.


    toolbar: [
      ['style', ['bold', 'italic', 'underline']],
      ['misc', ['undo','redo','fullscreen']],
    disableDragAndDrop: true,
    disableResizeEditor: true,
      notTime: 2400,
      action: 'paste',
      newline: '<br>',
      notStyle: 'position:absolute;top:0;left:0;right:0',
      keepHtml: true,
      keepOnlyTags: ['<p>', '<br>', '<ul>', '<li>', '<b>', '<strong>','<i>', '<a>'],
      keepClasses: false,
      badTags: ['table','style', 'script', 'applet', 'embed', 'noframes', 'noscript', 'html'],
      badAttributes: ['style', 'start']


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  • Created 6 years ago
  • Comments:6 (3 by maintainers)

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drgrievecommented, Jan 11, 2018

I’ve had quick look. I was able to get some html parsed by changing:

var text = e.originalEvent.clipboardData.getData(options.cleaner.keepHtml ? ‘Text’ : ‘text/plain’); to

var text = e.originalEvent.clipboardData.getData(options.cleaner.keepHtml ? ‘text/html’ : ‘text/plain’);

and removing html from the bad tags.

Fairly sure the above won’t work for plain text so would need more coding.

ngoclanbaby86commented, Aug 6, 2018

Same issue, it’s not working fine. keepHtml: true, // Remove all Html formats keepOnlyTags: ['<p>', '<br>', '<ul>', '<li>', '<b>', '<strong>','<i>', '<a>'],

But it remove all tag. and newline: '<br>', same default setting of summernote, not have any changed.

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