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Issue with ConcurrentModificationException for Metadata in StatusMetricsBolt

See original GitHub issue

We have been using stormcrawler with elasticsearch under huge load using parallelism across multiple workers for some time without any issues. After we upgraded the version from 1.18 to 2.1 (storm 1.2.3 to 2.2.0 as well) we started getting ConcurrentModificationException from kryo for Metadata class.

2021-09-14 17:13:48.797 o.a.s.e.e.ReportError Thread-20-spout-executor[59, 59] [ERROR] Error
java.lang.RuntimeException: com.esotericsoftware.kryo.KryoException: java.util.ConcurrentModificationException
Serialization trace:
md (com.digitalpebble.stormcrawler.Metadata)
	at org.apache.storm.utils.Utils$ ~[storm-client-2.2.0.jar:2.2.0]
	at [?:1.8.0_292]
Caused by: com.esotericsoftware.kryo.KryoException: java.util.ConcurrentModificationException
Serialization trace:
md (com.digitalpebble.stormcrawler.Metadata)
	at com.esotericsoftware.kryo.serializers.ObjectField.write( ~[kryo-3.0.3.jar:?]
	at com.esotericsoftware.kryo.serializers.FieldSerializer.write( ~[kryo-3.0.3.jar:?]
	at com.esotericsoftware.kryo.Kryo.writeClassAndObject( ~[kryo-3.0.3.jar:?]
	at com.esotericsoftware.kryo.serializers.CollectionSerializer.write( ~[kryo-3.0.3.jar:?]
	at com.esotericsoftware.kryo.serializers.CollectionSerializer.write( ~[kryo-3.0.3.jar:?]
	at com.esotericsoftware.kryo.Kryo.writeObject( ~[kryo-3.0.3.jar:?]
	at org.apache.storm.serialization.KryoValuesSerializer.serializeInto( ~[storm-client-2.2.0.jar:2.2.0]
	at org.apache.storm.serialization.KryoTupleSerializer.serialize( ~[storm-client-2.2.0.jar:2.2.0]
	at org.apache.storm.daemon.worker.WorkerTransfer.tryTransferRemote( ~[storm-client-2.2.0.jar:2.2.0]
	at org.apache.storm.daemon.worker.WorkerState.tryTransferRemote( ~[storm-client-2.2.0.jar:2.2.0]
	at org.apache.storm.executor.ExecutorTransfer.tryTransfer( ~[storm-client-2.2.0.jar:2.2.0]
	at org.apache.storm.executor.spout.SpoutOutputCollectorImpl.sendSpoutMsg( ~[storm-client-2.2.0.jar:2.2.0]
	at org.apache.storm.executor.spout.SpoutOutputCollectorImpl.emit( ~[storm-client-2.2.0.jar:2.2.0]
	at org.apache.storm.spout.SpoutOutputCollector.emit( ~[storm-client-2.2.0.jar:2.2.0]
	at com.digitalpebble.stormcrawler.persistence.AbstractQueryingSpout.nextTuple( ~[stormjar.jar:?]
	at org.apache.storm.executor.spout.SpoutExecutor$ ~[storm-client-2.2.0.jar:2.2.0]
	at org.apache.storm.executor.spout.SpoutExecutor$ ~[storm-client-2.2.0.jar:2.2.0]
	at org.apache.storm.utils.Utils$ ~[storm-client-2.2.0.jar:2.2.0]
	... 1 more

We did some research and found that the root cause of the issue was that the Metadata object was being mutated after it was emitted. Also we were able to identify that the issue disappeared whenever we removed the status_metrics bolt from the topology. That made sense because the metadata emitted by the spout was modified later in the default stream and was also emitted to the status metrics bolt.

We propose a solution that is connecting the status metrics bolt to the __system using the __tick stream. That’s because the mentioned bolt only uses the tick tuple to perform kind of a cron job. This way we avoid passing the real tuple that is not used at all with the metadata that was causing the issue.


  - from: "__system"
    to: "status_metrics"
      type: SHUFFLE
      streamId: "__tick"

BTW, I’m working with @matiascrespof and @jcruzmartini.


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  • Created 2 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

jniochecommented, Sep 17, 2021

Not that I don’t want to do it myself: I really want you to take full credit for it 😉

juli-alvarezcommented, Sep 17, 2021

Hi @jnioche! Glad you like the approach. Yes, we have the crawler running for the past 24hs and everything is working as expected, no exception, no workers dying and grafana dashboards looking good as well. Sure, I will create the PR with the changes in the flux file.

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