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[URLFrontier] URLFrontier extension not returning ID preventing Status-ACK making crawling impossible

See original GitHub issue

Hello @jnioche,

we switched our URL and Status handling from a custom bolt to URL-frontier. But I recognized, that the Status-Bold is not acking any tuple. After going into the code, adding some log-events and cleaning up the async-code and improving the state-management, my unit test shows the following log:

12:35:05.187 [Time-limited test] INFO  c.d.s.u.StatusUpdaterBolt - Initialisation of connection to URLFrontier service on localhost:53770
12:35:05.187 [Time-limited test] INFO  c.d.s.u.StatusUpdaterBolt - Allowing up to 100000 message in flight
12:35:05.194 [Time-limited test] ERROR c.d.s.u.PartitionUtil - Unknown partition mode : null - forcing to byHost
12:35:05.194 [Time-limited test] INFO  c.d.s.u.URLPartitioner - Using partition mode : QUEUE_MODE_HOST
12:35:05.263 [Time-limited test] TRACE c.d.s.u.StatusUpdaterBolt - Added to waitAck with ID total 1 - sent to localhost:53770
12:35:05.751 [grpc-default-executor-1] WARN  c.d.s.u.StatusUpdaterBolt - Could not find unacked tuple for blank id ``. (Ack: )
12:35:05.752 [grpc-default-executor-1] TRACE c.d.s.u.StatusUpdaterBolt - Trace for unpacked tuple for blank id: 
12:35:10.787 [Time-limited test] INFO  c.d.s.u.ChannelManager - Shutting down channel ManagedChannelOrphanWrapper{delegate=ManagedChannelImpl{logId=1, target=localhost:53770}}

It looks like URL-Frontier does not provide an ID when responding to a put, this is an error that can not be fixed on the SC side. Without the ID the Status won’t be able to ACK a single tuple, making crawling basically impossible.

I added the used Unit-Tests ect. in this PR:

Best Regards


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  • Created a year ago
  • Comments:6 (6 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

jniochecommented, Jul 6, 2022

Will close this issue as the underlying problem has been fixed already

jniochecommented, Jul 4, 2022

I think the underlying issue has already been fixed in URLFrontier

I will release a new version of URLFrontier shortly.

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