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keys -m create --key-stdin??

See original GitHub issue says I should consult the console app for examples how to do authentication, but the keys option is very light on any detail what I should be passing and in what order (I think public, private keys in that order).

I tried to use --key-stdin and now my console is stuck, whatever I type in it just keeps wanting more lines. Even standard ctrl-c/x keys won’t terminate it.

No idea what I’m really supposed to be doing, how I even tell if it’s worked. What is the correct usage?

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  • Created 2 years ago
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StarringLaracommented, Jan 30, 2022

I got it to work by launching exchange-sharp.exe in interactive mode and creating the file using --key-list instead of --key-stdin. The command (after landing in interactive mode) was keys -m create --key-list public-key,private-key,passphrase. It created a keys.bin file that I was able to load. This is better than having to resort to the LoadAPIKeysUnsecure method.

StarringLaracommented, Jan 30, 2022

Yes, there needs to be more documentation about this. Even the console help doesn’t really explain how to do it. I tried using keys -m create --key-stdin, which took it to a prompt. I pasted in my public key, enter, the private key, enter, the passphrase, enter, Ctrl+Z, enter. The Ctrl+Z followed by enter at the end was the only way I could get the prompt to stop. After that it did generate some kind of file, but when I try to use it, an exception is thrown, saying the file should include at least a public key, private key, and optional passphrase.

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