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Having some difficulty getting this to work for successfulloginregex


        <PathAndMask>C:/Program Files/FileZilla Server/Logs/filezilla-server.log</PathAndMask>


I get this in logs

2022-04-17 00:08:57.1527|INFO|DigitalRuby.IPBanCore.Logger|Parsing as IP failed, checking dns '2022-04-17T04:08:49.329Z >> [FTP Session 39] PASS ****'
2022-04-17 00:08:57.1527|INFO|DigitalRuby.IPBanCore.Logger|Parsing as dns failed '2022-04-17T04:08:49.329Z >> [FTP Session 39] PASS ****'
2022-04-17T03:31:41.170Z << [FTP Session 38] 331 Please, specify the password.
2022-04-17T03:31:41.220Z >> [FTP Session 38] PASS ****
2022-04-17T03:31:41.283Z << [FTP Session 38 username] 230 Login successful.

Regex101 has highlighted the issue for me, it seems the regex engine used here is matching previous lines and not just single lines… how do I rectify this? I had to add more to the ‘failedloginregex’ to get this issue to go away, but I cannot seem to do anything to resolve this with successfulloginregex, any input is much appreciated

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  • Created a year ago
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jjxtracommented, Apr 17, 2022

I updated the recipe

kimboslice99commented, Apr 25, 2022

@jjxtra Not sure if I should open a new issue, but how can I exclude IIS from event 4625 failed logins?

I have some sites with basic auth on IIS, but I’m using cloudflare’s proxy which uses CF-Connecting-IP header to log the real client IP address… I’ve tried changing the inbound header in IIS (url rewrite) like so

<set name="HTTP_X_REAL_IP" value="{HTTP_CF_CONNCTING_IP}" />

I’ve also tried X-Forwarded-For and X-Client-IP, but this doesn’t seem to work here, I suppose whats being logged in the event logger is before the URL rewrite can get to it, so I’d like to exclude IIS so I can use the log instead

Edit; would this be the right way to exclude IIS?

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