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How to create NTFS VHD?

See original GitHub issue

In the is a nice short example, how to create a FAT VHD. But how do I create an NTFS VHD?

So far I have

    long diskSize = 300 * Sizes.OneMiB;
    var vhdPath = Path.Combine(Path.GetTempPath(), Path.ChangeExtension(Path.GetRandomFileName(), "vhd"));
    using (Stream vhdStream = File.Create(vhdPath))
        var disk = DiscUtils.Vhd.Disk.InitializeFixed(vhdStream, Ownership.Dispose, diskSize); // What's the difference between Ownership.Dispose and Ownership.None?
        BiosPartitionTable.Initialize(disk, WellKnownPartitionType.WindowsNtfs);

        using (var ntfs = NtfsFileSystem.Format(disk.Content, "Virtual NTFS drive", disk.Geometry, disk.Partitions[0].FirstSector, diskSize / disk.SectorSize))
            // do other things with the file system…

Before NtfsFileSystem.Format I have a VHD that seems to have a valid MBR and if I mount it, Windows tells me to format that new drive. After NtfsFileSystem.Format the MBR is gone and the Windows Management Tools tell me to initialize the drive with an MBR or GPT first.

Also, I commented it in the code snippet: What’s the difference between Ownership.Dispose and Ownership.None?

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  • Created 5 years ago
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EricZimmermancommented, Feb 20, 2019

this code (slightly changed) works for me fine. if i make a vhdx file i can double click to mount it in windows

       var diskSize = 2000 * 1024 * 1024;
      var asVhd = false;

       using (var fs = new FileStream(_vhfxFileName, FileMode.OpenOrCreate))
            VirtualDisk destDisk = Disk.InitializeDynamic(fs, Ownership.None, diskSize);

            if (asVhd)
                destDisk = DiscUtils.Vhd.Disk.InitializeDynamic(fs, Ownership.None, diskSize);

            BiosPartitionTable.Initialize(destDisk, WellKnownPartitionType.WindowsNtfs);
            var volMgr = new VolumeManager(destDisk);

            var label = $"ZZZZZZ ({dateStamp})";

            using (var destNtfs =
                NtfsFileSystem.Format(volMgr.GetLogicalVolumes()[0], label, new NtfsFormatOptions()))
                destNtfs.NtfsOptions.ShortNameCreation = ShortFileNameOption.Disabled;

				var destDirectory = Path.GetDirectoryName(@"Some file");
				destNtfs.CreateDirectory(destDirectory, nfo);
				using (Stream source = new FileStream(@"Some file2", FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read))
                    var destFileName = @"foo";

                    using (Stream dest = destNtfs.OpenFile(destFileName, FileMode.Create,

				//do more stuff here


            //commit everything to the stream before closing
wrcgatorcommented, Aug 11, 2021

I dont think the solution posted is working properly. It returns successfully and mounts, but if you look at it with disk/partition tools it doesnt have the same properties as a volume created with disk manager. For example, what ever is not correct about the drive is preventing Windows from allowing it to be Bitlocker’d. Has anyone else observed the same and have you found a solution?

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