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How to destory dplayer on live mode?

See original GitHub issue

As you know. Dplayer add a new API on 1e21471 dp.destroy()

I try use this API on beforeDestroy call dp.destroy() ,also use v-if destory this DOM instance, but Network Panel(Chrome DevTools) still making requests continuously.

What should i do…

Config : video: { url: '', type: 'hls' } Google Chrome | 75.0.3770.100 (64 bit) (cohort: Stable) Windows 10, Vue ^2.5.10

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  • State:closed
  • Created 4 years ago
  • Comments:17 (8 by maintainers)

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kn007commented, Aug 18, 2019

@axetroy 你编译了么? 我提交了commit,但是只是源码改了,并没有输出编译好的文件。 编译办法你可以参照文档。 你也可以先下载上面的test501.zip先用着。

qingwufongcommented, Aug 26, 2022

1.29 发现也有这个问题:播放器销毁后,hls实例并没有销毁,一直刷ts。注意player销毁的时候hls实例也要销毁。 截图 底层hls播放相关的,都要小心这个问题,容易引发内存泄漏,需要代码手动销毁。 示例:

  1. 创建播放器时,存下hls实例:
        this.hls = new Hls();
        const hls = this.hls;
        this.player = new DPlayer({
          container: playDom,
          video: {
            url: videoSource,
            type: "customHls",
            customType: {
              customHls: function (video, player) {
          hotkey: true,
          autoplay: true,
          live: true,
  1. 在某个时机,比如页面组件销毁前手动销毁hls和播放器:
    if (this.hls) {
      // 先销毁hls实例!不然会内存泄漏
      this.hls = null
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