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[Minor Bug] Unnecessary and mildy confusing print statement during hyperparameter optimization

See original GitHub issue

Starting a hyperparameter run with prints out something like this:

========== LunarLanderContinuous-v2 ==========
Seed: 3139539977
OrderedDict([('batch_size', 64),
             ('ent_coef', 0.01),
             ('gae_lambda', 0.98),
             ('gamma', 0.999),
             ('n_envs', 16),
             ('n_epochs', 4),
             ('n_steps', 1024),
             ('n_timesteps', 1000000.0),
             ('policy', 'MlpPolicy')])
Using 4 environments
Overwriting n_timesteps with n=4000000

The problem is that the OrderedDict that’s printed is the parameters for the environment in the relevant .yml file. It has no impact on hyperparameter tuning, isn’t even used, can make it look like you’re doing something wrong (e.g. by default you’re tuning hyperparameters that aren’t included in that list) and the origin of it takes a shockingly long time to hunt down to confirm you aren’t somehow doing something wrong.

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  • State:closed
  • Created 2 years ago
  • Comments:5 (5 by maintainers)

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jkterry1commented, May 20, 2021

(sorry for the delayed reply)

I meant a message like “Default hyperparameters for environment (ones being tuned will be overridden)”"

araffincommented, Jun 2, 2021

I meant a message like “Default hyperparameters for environment (ones being tuned will be overridden)”"

sounds good 😉 (my upvote did not create a notification …)

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